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“I’m becoming a better player than I ever thought possible. Doug is an inspiration to my fingers.” –K. LeBaron

“Doug makes everything so clear and simple.” -A. Spurgeon

“I have learned more from my piano lessons with Doug than I have from any other single music teacher. Doug has helped me build confidence in my ability to learn, and by teaching me methods of how to practice, the time I’ve spent alone working on my lessons has become much more productive. During my studies with Doug, I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of music theory, started to improvise, and became much more coordinated and comfortable with the piano. Doug has not only been the most effective of my many music teachers, but the most patient, supportive and encouraging.” –D. Grossman

Piano Lessons in Portland OR

The Portland Piano Lab offers innovative, cutting-edge, customized instruction with an emphasis on building fundamental musicianship skills and liberating musical expression and creativity. Get complete details about piano lessons for adults and teens. Learn more about the musical journey by checking out popular blog posts (to the right).