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Digital Pianos Overview 2023

What’s new in the world of digital pianos in 2023? To find out, I spoke with Justin Johnson, the digital piano expert at my favorite local piano store, Portland Piano Company. What’s new with digital pianos at Portland Piano Company these days?I think the biggest news...

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News for 2023

Portland Piano Lab currently has three teachers:  Doug, Ian and John. While each of us uses the essential “play, understand, create” methodology that distinguishes our creative approach from other schools, we each have our own specializations as teachers. Portland...

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Recreational Music Making

In this enlightening guest post, Megan Desmarais, a piano teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, discusses her experience as a teacher of recreational music making for both children and adults. Thank you, Megan! I run a large in-home piano studio with 2 unique twists: Most of my...

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Today’s brief post is an homage to Chick Corea, one of the great jazz pianists, who passed away in 2021. I was fortunate to catch Chick’s concert with the Oregon Symphony about a year before his death. Still spry in his late 70s, wearing tennis shoes, and refreshingly...

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