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In Part 1 of this series I explored the benefits for musicians of cultivating mindfulness of thoughts. In this part, you can listen to a guided audio exercise to practice mindfulness of thoughts. In the exercise, you’ll use the breath as an anchor for your attention (as in the previous audio exercises) while exploring new ways for being mindful of thoughts.

Begin by settling into a tranquil yet alert sitting position. When you’re ready, press play:

A Few More Thoughts on Thoughts

You’ve just learned three techniques for mindfully working with thoughts.

Mindfulness of thoughts is very useful for musicians. Why? In each moment you’re mindful you have a conscious choice as to the impact that a thought has on your self-regard, decisions and actions.

One of these techniques may have been easier to use. If so, use it in your regular mindfulness practice – that is, if you have one, which I recommend for every serious musician.

As you continue your practice, you’ll notice that being mindful of thoughts has become easier. Eventually you may notice that you’re noticing thoughts before they “take you over.” At that point, your mindfulness will have acquired real power.

I wish you the best in cultivating the freedom and awareness promised by the practice of mindfulness.

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