New Adult Piano Method

I’m looking for teachers who would like to use and test a new adult piano method (at no charge) (description below)! The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method is a perfect choice for adult and teen students whose primary musical interests are popular styles such as blues, jazz and rock and/or the more contemporary popular styles that originated from them. Many students have told me that they prefer the repertoire in my method to the Faber and Alfred adult methods.

While there are many stylistic-focused materials for students interested in popular styles, to my knowledge there has never been a solid progressive piano method solely focused on them.

For testing purposes, the method will be provided at no charge to teachers who:

(1) regularly teach new adult beginners and would be likely to use the method, starting at the beginning, with at least 3 (or more) adult or older teen students within the next year.

(2) are willing to ask students to fill out evaluations, keep them, and send them to me occasionally (electronically or by mail).

(3) are willing to keep their own evaluation notes and provide other feedback as requested.

If you meet the above criteria, and would like to explore the options and/or review sample units and repertoire, please contact me and include a brief description of your focus as a teacher. But you might want to read the description below first!

About The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method

The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method is the first progressive adult piano method to focus entirely on the popular creative styles of blues, ragtime, jazz and rock. The method also includes numerous folk melodies – such as the African-American spirituals – that form the primordial roots of these styles. Since all of these styles originated in the United States, the method is also an introduction to American popular music. In fact, these styles are the classical music of America, and the basis for most styles of contemporary popular music.

The primary focus of the method is learning how to play, the secondary focus starting to be creative with music. Much like the Faber adult method, creative activities are optional, simple and “user-friendly” even for teachers who may feel intimidated by improvising, playing lead sheets, etc. As students progress through the method, they’ll cultivate a spectrum of basic keyboard proficiencies including reading skills, rhythm skills, ear skills, chords and fundamentals of music theory.