New students:  Your first lesson is FREE. You may take virtual lessons, in person lessons, or a mix.

Piano Lessons for Adults in Portland

This page is for hobbyists. If you’re an aspiring pro, or intermediate-to-advanced hobbyist seeking more intensive study, please go here.

Lessons are offered for both adult beginners and intermediate / advanced hobbyist players who wish to rekindle or develop their skills or learn a new musical style. Lessons are designed to match your personal musical interests and objectives.

Musicianship and Creativity

Excellent musicianship and artistic creativity and expression are the key elements of the Portland Piano Lab’s approach for adult students. Depending on your goals, you may choose to:

  • Play any piano style including classical, jazz, blues, ragtime, New Age, gospel or rock/pop
  • Learn how to improvise, particularly in blues or New Age style
  • Learn basic chords or advanced/jazz chords
  • Learn how to read music, or read it better
  • Develop your musical ear
  • Learn how to play lead sheets (melody and chord symbols)
  • Learn essential keyboard technique
  • Learn how to play by ear
  • Correct rhythmical weaknesses
  • Learn to play music at sight
  • Acquire efficient practicing skills for the fastest possible progress
  • Learn scales (the “building blocks” of music)
  • Learn how to compose music or write songs
  • Improve your musical memory
  • Learn how to arrange music
  • Learn how to accompany yourself singing


Lessons for adults are 45 or 60 minutes long. Students may begin at any time of year.


Young adult students, see Scholarships below.

45 minute weekly lessons are $70/lesson

60 minute weekly lessons are $85/lesson


A limited number of scholarships are available for highly-motivated young adult students (18-30) to reduce tuition costs. You should have (a) access to an acoustic or weighted-action digital piano for practicing; (b) time for 30-60+ minutes of daily practice; and (c) extensive daytime availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays for lessons. To inquire about scholarships, complete the prospective student questionnaire, stating your age, circumstances that may warrant a scholarship, and musical goals in the final open-ended question.


The Portland Piano Lab is located in the Alberta Arts District in NE Portland. Free parking is available. See Location for a map.

Ready to start, or have a question?

Adult Beginner?

Many of my adult students studied piano as a child; others have never studied music at all. We’ll craft a personalized approach for you based on your previous musical training (if any), current goals, musical styles you want to play, and your musical strengths and weaknesses. My approach is organized while also being customized to your interests. Study at your own pace while mastering fundamentals of musicianship that will provide a foundation for further advancement and greater enjoyment of music. Learn more about adult beginners at the Portland Piano Lab.