Piano Lessons for Teens in Portland

This page is for hobbyists. If your student is an aspiring pro, or intermediate-to-advanced hobbyist seeking more intensive study, please go here.

More than younger kids, teens want to play music that interests them, that they consider “cool,” or that relates to their musical goals. They are starting to forge their own personal way with music. Piano lessons with the goal of having your teenager enjoy music as a lifelong skill are certainly better than no lessons at all. Unfortunately, “no lessons at all” is often what happens if teens’ musical needs are not being met. The Lab takes teens’ musical needs into account, and focuses on cultivating the internal motivation to practice and play for the love of music and for the satisfaction of achieving one’s musical objectives (and not because of parental pressure). Teens enjoy lessons and practicing more, and parents can relax. Students may be beginning, intermediate or advanced players.


Daniel, 15, is learning chords and how to arrange songs from lead sheets. He’s also learning the fundamentals of composition and songwriting and beginning to write his own songs. He likes to accompany himself while singing.


Madison, 13, has played since she was 8 but was starting to lose interest in the classical repertoire. Now she’s playing several contemporary pop songs she loves while continuing to strengthen her reading and rhythmic skills.


Most weeks, Pramod, 16, says he’s going to study music in college, though he’s not sure whether he wants to go the classical or jazz route. Pramod is seriously studying the traditional classical repertoire while learning the fundamentals of blues and jazz improvisation.

“Musicianship and Creativity”

Excellent musicianship and artistic creativity and expression are the key elements of the Portland Piano Lab’s approach for teen students. Depending on their musical goals and interests, teen students may choose to:

  • Play any piano style, including rock/pop, blues, ragtime, jazz, New Age or classical
  • Learn basic chords or advanced/jazz chords
  • Learn how to improvise
  • Learn how to compose music or write songs
  • Learn how to play lead sheets (melody and chord symbols)
  • Learn how to accompany themselves singing
  • Improve important musical skills such as keyboard technique and reading, rhythm, ear and practicing skills

Performance Opportunities

Instead of studio recitals, students who are eager to perform are assisted in finding performance opportunities in the community. These can be as or more effective and motivating to students’ musical development than the traditional studio recital, and some may offer compensation. Students who are not interested in performing are not pressured to do so.


Lessons for teens are 30 or 45 minutes long. Students may begin at any time of year.


30 minute weekly lessons are $55/lesson
45 minute weekly lessons are $80/lesson

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