Virtual Piano Teacher (Part-Time Position)

Portland Piano Lab is seeking a part-time virtual piano teacher for 6-12 months on a contract basis. Most students are beginning and “returner” adults, with some intermediate adults. You will work from home and set your own teaching schedule.

The ideal teacher will have excellent playing skills, demonstrable teaching experience with positive reviews/testimonials/references (especially in regards to teaching adults), broad knowledge and skill playing and teaching both classical and popular keyboard music, adequate music theory proficiency, and at least a modicum (or more) of experience with musical creativity as a player and teacher via improvising, arranging and/or composing. You should have a professional home studio and instrument(s), and appropriate technology for teaching virtually.

This is an independent contractor position using Form W-9, NOT employment. We will agree on your teaching rate and related terms, and enter into a written independent contractor agreement.

Interested or have questions? Please complete this brief questionnaire.